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I don’t have leprosy!

Urgent care sucks. Urgent is a lie! I spent 6 hours in that horrid place last night all because my mom was convinced I had the mutant disease child of leprosy and the ebola virus, you know, if diseases could have children. ANYWAYS the giant scary red bumps on my leg are something called cellulitis, look it up on google and you’ll feel bad for me. Although it wasn’t leprobola, if we had left it untreated the doctor said my skin would start to necrotize, aka, rot and die, so I had to get a shot. I hate shots. I am a total baby. I cried and tried to run away and hid under the blanket so the doctor couldn’t get me, but they said without the shot I’d need to go to the ER in a few days and get an IV and possibly surgery. So I got the shot and cried the whole time! It hurt. I hate shots. My mom also wouldn’t stop showing me pictures of “spider bites” left untreated on her iphone, and I guess these are spider bites. 8 of them. All on my legs… yeahh… But at least my skin is no longer necrotizing! What a silver lining!

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